The 623 Club take the Challenge.

Now that spring is here, the children at 623 club are taking an interest in the environment and have been doing lots of different activities. So far, they have made a patchwork tree complete with tree fairies and spiders. The tree even has a glow in the dark spider’s web! The children have also done some real gardening and they enjoyed mixing the compost in with the soil. Of course it’s difficult to resist making a few mud pies and saying hello to the occasional worm, but they did plant some lovely spring flowers too. The flowers have really brightened up the entrance to the club and gardening is such an enjoyable experience for the children. We will see about adding some bee friendly plants in the future. As well as being an environmentally friendly thing to do, getting bee friendly plants will also help us to achieve a bronze award in the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) Wild Challenge.


Our first activity towards achieving the bronze award was to make different kinds of bird feeders. One of the feeders is a kebab made with bread, cheese, apple and raisins. The children had the same thing for snack that day and they liked the raisins so much that there wasn’t many left for the birds. Another type of bird feeder needed the children to mix lard, grated cheese, sunflower seeds and raisins together. One of the children told me it felt nice to squeeze the mixture through her fingers but it was a bit tricky to get clean hands afterwards!
Our second activity is to be a Weather Wizard. We will be going out and experiencing the weather and keeping a record of our findings for a week. This activity is about experiencing nature whereas the first activity was about helping nature.


The 623 Club is registered for the Wild Challenge and evidence such as photos, drawings, writing is uploaded onto our online profile on the RSPB website. The children will complete 6 activities to get their bronze award, but I have a feeling that we might not stop there. There are so many different fun activities to choose from for the Wild Challenge on the RSPB website and as some of the children said to me last week, “gold would be nice”.